Here's a few common questions we're asked!

Where is your store?
Our flagship hole-in-the-wall store is located at 32 Alfred Street, Fortitude Valley. However, there's an extensive list of locations you can find Doughnut Time at now. The best bet is visiting our 'Locations' tab by clicking here.

What are your opening hours?
Opening hours vary from store to store. If you're planning on visiting one of our stand alone stores, you'll be pleased to know we are open from 8am, 7 days a week. We trade until we are sold out, which is usually around 10pm. Stores of ours that are situated inside Topshop or other shopping centre precincts run on the trading hours of those establishments. Please check the appropriate store before visiting to avoid disappointment. 

When do you usually sell out?
Doughnut Time stores usually sell out around 10pm. This obviously varies from day to day, and sometimes we even run out during the day, but if that occurs, it's safe to say we'll stock back up and make it through until late. 

Where is your van?
Our van's whereabouts are constantly changing. For all questions regarding Barbara please contact our team via!

How much are your doughnuts?
Both the filled and glazed doughnuts are $6.

Do I get a discount if I buy multiple doughnuts?
A six pack will still cost you $36, however by grabbing one of our loyalty cards, you can get your ninth doughnut free.

How fresh are your doughnuts?
We make our doughnuts fresh constantly throughout the day. When you purchase from us, you can purchase knowing that the doughnut you've bought from us won't be anymore than three hours old.

How long do they last?
We recommend eating all our doughnuts within 4-6 hours of purchasing them from the store. 

Can I freeze your doughnuts and eat them later?
We don't recommend freezing any of our Doughnut Time products. 

Do you do catering?
We can offer catering for certain events and decide upon this on a case by case basis. For all catering info, please email

Can I order custom-made doughnuts?
Unfortunately, Doughnut Time do not make custom doughnuts. 

Do you have any dairy-free doughnuts?
Yes. Our vegan doughnut (mentioned in the question below) is dairy-free.

Do you have any vegan doughnuts?
We do! Our vegan doughnuts are completely void of any animal products and dairy. Even the colour we use for these doughnuts is synthetically made, unlike the colour 120 (cochineal) which uses crushed beetles. While every vegan doughnut is created with care, certain products come from factories that may use animal products. Cross-contamination is near impossible, though we felt it best to let you know. 

I have a peanut allergy. Can I eat your doughnuts?
Unfortunately not. We do not recommend that anyone with a peanut allergy consumes any Doughnut Time products.

How are your doughnuts made?
We make the dough and prove it for 2-4 hours. It's then knocked back, rolled and cut by hand. We then prove the dough again for 45 minutes, then fry and glaze the doughnuts. The doughnuts are fried in vegetable oil rather than lard.

What's in your doughnuts?
Our doughnuts are made with flour, eggs, butter, full cream milk, vanilla, salt and sugar. The glaze varies, depending on the type of doughnut. 

Do your doughnuts contain trans fat?
Our doughnuts contain no trans fat.

Do your doughnuts contain preservatives?
Our doughnuts contain a negligible amount of preservatives.