Here's a few common questions we're asked!

Where are you and what are your trading hours?
You'll find your nearest Doughnut Time store and trading hours via our Locations page!

Where is your van?
Our vintage caravan is an adventurer at heart and loves getting around the country. For all queries related to Barbara, please contact our team via email;!

How much are your doughnuts?
Both our filled and glazed doughnuts are $6.70. Four-packs are $26, six-packs are $37, and by downloading our app you will receive points that you can them redeem for free doughnuts! The price of our limited edition doughnuts may vary individually and when added to our four or six-packs.

How fresh are your doughnuts?
Our doughnuts are glazed fresh every day and delivered to our stores daily. 

How long do your doughnuts last?
We recommend eating our doughnuts within 8 hours for maximum freshness, but enjoying them within 24 hours is still a good time!

Can I freeze your doughnuts and eat them later?
We don't recommend freezing our doughnuts for consumption at a later date.

Can Doughnut Time cater for my next event or special occasion?
For all large and corporate orders, please email

Do you offer vegan doughnuts?
We do! Our vegan doughnuts are completely void of animal products and dairy. Our vegan doughnuts are produced in the same kitchen as our regular doughnuts, and although cross-contamination is near-impossible, we think it's best that we let you know. 

Do you have any Low-Gluten doughnuts?
Doughnut Time make a limited edition small batch of ‘low-gluten’ doughnuts, available in all stores on Fridays as per our current menu unless sold out prior, they are preservative-free and best enjoyed fresh. Please read on for more information as to why we label these doughnuts ‘low-gluten.'

What is ‘Low-Gluten’?
Although we offer ‘low-gluten’ doughnuts we cannot guarantee that any of our products are fully gluten free. Our ‘low-gluten’ doughnuts have no gluten added to them however, there is always a possibility of cross contamination due to the kitchen, transport and display environments. Our doughnuts are manufactured and prepared on equipment that may come into contact with traces of gluten.
*We recommend that our ‘low-gluten’ options are suitable for people with a non-Coeliac gluten sensitivity*

I have a nut allergy. Can I eat your doughnuts?
We do not recommend that anyone with a nut allergy consumes our doughnuts.

How are your doughnuts made?
We make the dough and prove it for 2-4 hours. After cutting the dough to shape, we prove the dough again for a further 45 minutes, and then fry them in vegetable oil. They are then glazed and decorated by hand.

What's in your doughnuts?
Our doughnuts are made with flour, butter, vanilla, salt, sugar and fresh natural yeast. The glazes vary, depending on the flavour. 

Do your doughnuts contain trans fat?
Our doughnuts contain no trans fat.

Do your doughnuts contain preservatives?
Our doughnuts contain a negligible amount of preservatives.